To cover your event, we offer different visual solutions to increase its visibility.

  • Multimedia display on large LED screen up to 24 m2
  • broadcast in your VIP boxes on TV
  • Streaming your event on the internet.
  • For the equestrian world, a complete solution including the 3 points above as well as the timing of your events with quality equipment and approved by the FEI

We can also offer video production solutions for your stream.
For this, we offer:

  • multi-camera production
  • Live Slow motion
  • signal output to your streaming system or to a TV car.
  • Separate graphics between the LED screen and the broadcast on TV (requires our timing package for the horse show)
  • and many other options (on request)

Here are the main points of our services:

Timing service:

We can ensure the timing of your events with equipment approved by the FEI.
For this, we recommend the use of Equipe system on internationals and national competitions in order to have a solution that takes care of the secretariat, timing, invoicing, live results, etc …
We are equiped with Tag Heuer, Alge and ICCMediaSport ATU-X timing devices
We are certified by the FEI on Equipe system and are the french translator for this

Sport Show Office:

We offer the management of the sports secretariat part of your equestrian events, start lists, management of riders’ requests, lists of results, invoicing, etc.

Display on LED screens:

We can offer the provision of LED screens with a surface area of ​​24m², mounted on their structures for the dissemination of events, advertisements, a display linked to timing, …
The screens offered have a pitch of 4.81 mm (distance between the LEDs of the modules).
We can also offer 20m² screens in 6mm and 10mm pitch.
they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Video production:

We offer video production for your event.
Our OB Vans are Full HD equipped and allow you to manage our broadcast cameras, slow motion, signal transmission on LED screens and TV broadcasting for your VIP areas.

We also have a “TV studio” pack for interviews, TV sets, etc.

3d animation

We offer the creation of 3D routes for your major classes