FDS Jumping Kit

The smallest sports timing console on the market

High-end electronic components and sophisticated firmware are housed in a simple and functional case, ensuring professional performance at competitive price.

The TBox main purpose is to capture time events triggered by manual switches, photocells or other devices. Those events are then transmitted to you preferred timing applications (*1) via serial port or Bluetooth(*2). For some applications, the TBox can also act as a Bluetooth interface for external displays or printers.

(*1) Only for applications compatible with FDS, Tag Heuer, Alge or Seiko protocols.
(*2) Only with FDS applications.


Operating temperature: -20°c to 70°C
External inputs precision: From 1/1 to 1/10’000sec
Time drift: 1ppm @ 20°C; max 2.5ppm
Bluetooth module: BLE-4.1
Autonomy: 45 – 140 hours (depending of the use)

For Radio model

Radio frequency bands: EU (869MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)
Radio impulses precision: > 1/1000sec
Radio Power: 100mW

Photocell WIRC

Smart and compact, the Wireless Infra-Red Photocells (WIRC) is the must-have equipment to complete your timing system.
Its integrated design will simplify your installation, and ensure professional performances at competitive prices.

The Wireless Infra-Red Photocells (WIRC) detects and transmits impulses to the TBox-Radio timing console using a bidirectional radio protocol. Wired connection to any timing devices can still be performed via a 3.5mm Jack connector located on the back.

Up to 4 WIRC can communicate with 1 TBox-Radio.


Radio frequency bands: EU (869MHz) / US-CAN (920-924 MHz) / India (865-867MHz)l
Operating temperature: -20°c to 70°C
Precision: 1/1000sec – 1/10’000sec
Dead Time (between impulses): 200ms – 500ms
Autonomy: up to 100 hours
Dimension / weight: 111x60x27mm / 430gr



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